In 1892, American author and literary critic William Dean Howells wrote a story entitled Christmas Every Day and part of it reads like this … “Once upon a time there was a little girl who liked Christmas so much that she wanted it to b...

24 Nov 2019

     Every first Tuesday in November, citizens across the United States usually vote for the best candidate suited for whatever position they’re running for …  President, Governor, Mayor, Representative, Senator, School Board, City Council, etc., etc...

17 Nov 2019

     A good friend of mine loves to travel … he loves to meet new people and to experience new cultures. In spite of this, it is not easy to travel with him because he tends to over plan ... to focus on all the most important things to experience in...

10 Nov 2019

     The two major religious groups during Jesus’ day were the Sadducees and the Pharisees. In the seminary, we had to learn a bit about both groups and one of the major differences between the two was their belief in the resurrection. The Pharisees...

3 Nov 2019

     This weekend’s Gospel tells us that on His way to Jerusalem, Jesus “intended to pass through the town of Jericho.” I don’t think His plan was to stay at the house of the chief tax collector. As I’ve mentioned before, tax collector...

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